BATISTAMOLDES, Lda is a company engaged in the manufacture of moulds for plastics industry. We offer our customers a comprehensive service from product development to the mould production. We work in partnership with clients in order to get the quality and efficiency needed to compete in this market as demanding.
We believe in planning and control of production to fulfill the deadlines established with the client. Thus we monitor the entire process keeping customers informed of the progress of the same.
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Series / Prototypes
Gas Injection
Sandwich Molds


To design, produce and supply molds according to customers’ specifications, continuously improving the proposed solutions that fit your needs. Enhance the participation of all the quality system ensuring continuous training in order to contribute to improve the quality of our products and services. Plan, conduct, evaluate and continuously improve our products, processes and services.






We assume as fundamental values in our organization: the rigor and sense of responsibility and recognize and value ethics and respect in human relations, the spirit of teamwork, dynamism and initiative of all employees in the quest for continuous improvement of our organization.